Our Company:

TransCash Corporation was established in 2002. TransCash facilitates debit card services with substantial savings over existing services. The cornerstone of the TransCash Card program is a set of two Visa and Mastercard Prepaid Debit Cards, conveying all rights and privileges to use the card everywhere Visa and MasterCard Debit Cards are accepted worldwide and providing the easiest and least expensive transfer of funds to family members.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, TransCash has operations around the world and is constantly working on expanding into new territories. TransCash product has received US Patent 7,581,674 B2 and is registered worldwide under the "Paris Convention".


It is the only program in the world that offers a set of two (2) prepaid cards in one pack, sold at retail locations that makes sharing money anywhere in the world convenient and free. TransCash provides accessible and essential financial products and services to under-served markets that have traditionally been undervalued. TransCash offers several different types of prepaid cards for your choice: a Dual Pack Prepaid Money Sharing Card, a Travel card, a Payroll card and a General Purpose Reloadable card.

Our Mission:

To make our customers prosper. The goal is to provide unbanked and underbanked customers with great products replacing check-cashing agents, money orders, and bill pay centers by offering them an easier, more convenient and lower cost alternative to financial services like the TransCash Card

Our Vision:

  • Empowering people to advance with success and confidence.
  • We embrace opportunity and have a passion for growth.
  • We have the vision to innovate and the strength to succeed.
  • We have the ambition to expand globally.

Core focus:

  • Money sharing made easy
  • Remittance markets
  • Full range of cardholder services