With the TransCash® Visa and MasterCard Prepaid Debit Cards:

  • There is no waiting in lines.
  • Funds are available immediately.
  • The money you share arrives safe, secure and guaranteed.

How does Money Sharing Work?

  • The sealed package contains two TransCash Visa or MasterCard Prepaid Debit Cards: one is for you and one is for your family member.
  • Keep the Primary card and give the Secondary card to the person you want to share money with.
  • Either visit your TransCash online account or call customer service to send money online from your Primary card to the Secondary card.
  • The person with the secondary card can withdraw cash immediately at any ATM or use it anywhere Visa and MasterCard debit cards are accepted worldwide. Please note that the Secondary card has only access to the funds transferred to its account.
  • Call customer service and find out the different methods to transfer money online from the Primary card to the Secondary card.