Licensee Brochure


We have an amazing opportunity for you! Become a TransCash Licensee. Go into business for yourself, but not by yourself! We offer the training, support and software to get your own TransCash business operational. Because you are being offered the benefits of an established product, the success of your business is greater.

Brand Recognition

TransCash Corporation has incredible brand equity. TransCash is the pioneer prepaid card company in the world. As a licensee, you benefit from brand-name recognition and trust built over 15 years.

Experience & Marketing Support

At TransCash, we have a long track record in licensing. We' are fortunate to have the support of seasoned executives in our headquarters and in the field to guide the ongoing success of our License owners.

Company-wide Intranet

TransCash headquarters has a lot of information to disseminate. The most efficient way to do this has been through our Intranet system, ApolloA. ApolloA delivers messages from a new incentive program, to updates, marketing materials, and special announcements. It is a great way to keep in constant contact with the field.


We have created a program to help qualified prospects secure financing for their businesses.

Leading Technology

All of our franchises are provided advanced ApolloA software, to deliver consistent outstanding services that uphold the TransCash tradition of excellence. ApolloA gives TransCash offices what they need to survive in the increasingly competitive marketplace.

Business Potential

Licensee fees for the TransCash opportunity are fairly priced. We also offer generous royalty reductions for our licensee’s efforts, helping to motivate our Licensees for our mutual gain.