How to Activate my TransCash Visa or Mastercard Prepaid Debit Card?

Once you receive your TransCash package, please activate your cards as follows:

Over the phone:
  • Remove the TransCash Prepaid Debit Cards from the package.
  • Call our automated phone system for card activation and account information.
  • Input your 16 digit TransCash card number.
  • Input your 4-digit security code to authenticate your card.
  • Once your card is activated, the system will generate a PIN number and allow you to change the PIN number free of charge.
  • This PIN number will be used to make PIN purchases. We recommend that you select a number that you will remember.
  • Sign your cards immediately.


  • Remove the TransCash Visa or Mastercard Prepaid Debit cards from the package.
  • First step is to create your "Online Account".
  • Make sure to provide the exact information you gave to register your card. If you do not answer correctly, you will not be able to register for an online account. To set up your Online Account, you can call our customer service support for help during our regular business hours.
  • After your have successfully created your online account, you can log in and activate your card.
  • Finally, setup your PIN number by calling our Customer Service Support.
  • Sign you cards immediately.
Congratulations! You have successfully activated your TransCash Prepaid Debit cards. You can start using your cards at millions of locations everywhere Visa and MasterCard debit cards are accepted worldwide.


  • If you have any questions, please feel free to call our Customer Service Support.
  • The steps above are valid for both the Primary and Secondary cards activation.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to call our Customer Service.