How it Works

TransCash offers a Dual Pack of Prepaid Money Sharing cards. This program is used to remit funds to a beneficial cardholder. Consumers will be offered a consumer reloadable prepaid card for their personal use, and a second card to support remittances. Account-2-Account transfer function would be used to move money in real time between the primary and secondary card account. Consumers will enroll for the Dual Pack Prepaid Money Sharing Card, and also enroll information about their beneficiary.

This system of sharing funds represents an innovative way of money sharing that is made easier and more affordable than standard money transfer services like Money Gram and Western Union. The TransCash patent addressed a need to simplify the methodology for funds being transferred from migrant workers who are apart from their families but still need to send money home to support them.

  • Primary cardholder can request and link additional supplementary cards (up to ten) to the primary card.
  • Each customer can have a maximum of 2 packs.
  • Send money to loved ones conveniently.